"IMG RECRUITMENT AND GENERAL SERVICES" has been a hallmark within the services sector since 1984, with an excellent track record for maintaining high standards of professionalism.

Our goal is to help not only the candidates but also the organizations/companies. By matching the talent and expertise of the individual candidates to the best fit companies, we serve our clients to cultivate an edge on any competition in the global markets.

Therefore, IMG is dedicated to help companies in matching with top talent. Our history of success shows an emphasis on high standards and customer satisfaction. We continue to draw on this strong tradition of serving the customer’s needs and to this day our work continues to draw the attention of many employers to our services. Our candidate employees come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and further cover all disciplines such as Engineering, IT, Security, Accountancy, Marketing, Finance and Administration in many sectors including oil and gas, construction, petrochemical, engineering, banking and finance. We offer a professional approach and our client list includes many major international companies. IMG, is proud of a track record of dedication to our clients, our professionalism and expertise and a commitment to find the right professional or technical career for you in the UAE.

As mentioned prior, we have established ties international recruitment specialists in the Philippines, Egypt, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Morocco, Sudan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Indonesia and others which gives us an advantage- extensive sourcing capability and integrity. This comprehensive database and specific industry network enables us to quickly and accurately respond to the needs of our clients and applicants both quickly and cost effectively.

At IMG, we firmly believe people are the building blocks of all productive and successful businesses. Therefore, IMG offers professional consultation to all candidates and helps in choosing suitable jobs for any applicant. Between both the candidates and the various businesses we seek to create better communication and understanding so that both can work in peace and harmony.

It's the attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest; we locate what you have in mind for your future employment.

Our thorough database and industry-specific network enables us to quickly and accurately respond to the needs of our clients and applicants.


At IMG, we passionately believe that every company has different needs. We therefore treat each recruitment project on an individual basis, with an overall objective of adding value to your business. Our philosophy, therefore, is simply being the best at helping employers achieve their objectives and fulfill their needs. We serve these needs by treating all potential candidates with respect and courtesy. We continue striving to maintain a respect that is mutual in our working relationships at all times.